Hair Extensions 
Half head of blond hair extensions
Ombre Caramel Hair Extensions - HairbyHolloway-min
Full head ombre hair extensions
Neat rows of micro beading.
Light Auburn 16"
Full head of microbead extensions. Styled and finished with hot rollers for a natural tussled look.
Nano bead extensions - Ombre
Nano beads are use on clients with extra fine hair to add thickness and length.
multi toned 18"
My client wanted her extension to match her naturally high lighted hair. I used 5 different colours to achieve this look.
From Short red bob to long & curly
This was a challenge, Her natural hair was on the border line of not being long enough. But we managed to match her vibrate colour and full head of 16 inch
16" auburn microbeads
Used to add thickness and a little length.
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Microbeads are a brand new concept in the world of hair extensions. It doesn't involve any glue, therefore no damage. Instead of attaching the hair using a glue bond, a microbead is used, clamping the extension into place. When infill’s are needed, instead of having to completely replace the hair, the bead is simply un-clamped and slid back up closer to the hair root and clamped shut again! No longer needing to spend out on more hair. Extensions are just as simple to remove, causing no damage or thinning to your natural hair. Love it!

Katie is  fully qualified in hair extensions so she will give you a full service including cutting the extensions to the desired length and blending them in to get a totally natural looking finish.


Full head starting from only £295

Hair Extensions By Katie.

Hair Extensions By Ellie.

full head nano extensions
Full head 18" Nano bead extensions.
Nano bead extensions
Full head of 18" nano bead extensions.
Tape weft
18" Half head Tape weft for thickness and volume.
Keratin Fusion Bonds
Full head Keratin fusion bonds 18" ice blonde ombre.
Keratin Fusion Bonds
Full head 18" Keratin Fusion bonds
Keratin Fusion Bonds
Half head of keratin fusion bonds to add thickness and volume.
Keratin Fusion Bonds
Full head Keratin fusion bonds 18"
Micro Beads
Full head 18" Micro beads
Tape Weft
Full head Tape weft 18"
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Keratin Fusion Bonds are a strand on strand extension method. Each hair extension has a U shaped tip of Keratin adhesive. Fusion bonds are applied individually using gentle heat. The U tip is warmed up to allow the technician to fit the extension by pinching and the rolling the tip of the extension closed. Keratin bonds are a once use extension method they should last you 2/3  months before replacing and fitting new hair.



Tape wefts are a newly popular hair extension method. Tape wefts are fitted in pairs. The technician will section clients hair to the correct depth and width needed per extension and then a tape extension is placed under and on top of the clients hair and is pinched closed using hair pliers. The tape extension can also then be warmed up slightly using a flat iron/ heating tool to encourage the adhesive to bond together. Tape wefts can be reused as the adhesive can be removed and replaced depending on how well the hair is looked after and maintained. Maintenance for this method is usually required between 6/8 weeks depending on regrowth.


Nano beads are the fitted the same way as Micro beads are. They are accentually the same but Nanos are smaller and more discreet. This make them perfect for clients who have thin to medium hair as they will be better disguised then the usual Micro bead version.  

Mini tubes are a another version of Micro or Nano bead extension the only difference being the bond between extension and the clients hair is a small metal tube. A small section of hair is looped through the metal tube and the tip of the extension is then inserted alongside clients hair, it is then closed using hair pliers. You can reuse and refit  this method of extension when maintenance is due. Hair should last 2/3 months with the correct aftercare.

Easy Shrinks also know as "Shrinkies" follow the same strand on strand method as above. This method involves using gentle heat to fit the extension to the clients hair. Using a hair heat tool the technician will loop a section of the clients hair through the easy shrink tube alongside the tip of the extension. The heat tool is the pressed against the easy shrink, which will  then warm the tube up so the tube shrinks and tightens creating the bond between the extension and the hair. hair can be reused with this method also as the Shrinkie can be removed and a new one added when maintenance is due. Maintenance is usually due 6/8 weeks depending on hair regrowth.

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